Renuvadisc Spinal Decompression Table Renuvadisc Pro Spinal Decompression Table

Renuvadisc and Renuvadisc Pro

Effective, Non-Invasive Therapy for Herniated, Bulging, and Degenerated Discs

If you’re looking to take your neck and back pain results to the next level, consider RenuvaDisc spinal decompression—a groundbreaking therapy that doctors around the world have used to successfully treat hundreds of thousands of patients with herniated, bulging, and degenerated discs.

Renuvadisc Spinal Decompression Table


Called “the best table for the money,” RenuvaDisc combines the most advanced features of any spinal decompression table on the market with an affordable price. Help more patients AND increase your bottom line.

This remarkable table features the following:

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Renuvadisc Pro Spinal Decompression Table

RenuvaDisc Pro

The RenuvaDisc Pro is the right combination of versatility and performance. With cervical, lumbar, and 3D spinal decompression capabilities, this table not only delivers the “WOW” factor—it gets the best results possible.

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Intelligent Traction (iTrac) system


Introducing the revolutionary new Intelligent Traction (iTrac) system that is quite possibly the most effective, advanced, computerized cervical curve restorer and forward head posture reducing technology on the market today.

The iTrac’s Patented, High Tech Design May Help

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Dr. Brian Self

“The RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression table is the most significant therapy to happen to neck and back pain over the last 50 years. Nothing in my opinion even remotely compares to the consistent, life changing results that we get every single day from our neck and back pain patients that other doctors said they couldn’t help. If you took away my RenuvaDisc decompression tables I would have no more interest in practicing because everything else would be such a let down. If you treat neck and back pain and don’t have a decompression table your are absolutely missing out!!”

~ Dr. Brian Self, Chiropractic Physician, AZ

Decompression Pros 2.0 Practice Management System

Chiropractic & Decompression Marketing

Decompression Pros 2.0 Practice Management System

We don’t sell you a table and then wish you “good luck”. We walk you through every step, every program and every system that will make this a PROFITABLE business venture and NOT just another therapy to help a few more people.

When you invest in a RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression table, you don’t just get a piece of equipment. You get a comprehensive practice management system—the exact system that has been used to create 7- and 8-figure spinal decompression clinics around the world.

Discover every step, strategy, system, and program you need to make your RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression Table a thriving profit center in your practice…so that you can earn more money and help more people live pain-free.

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Technique Training

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Research and Techniques to Get the Best Results for Your Patients

Other spinal decompression manufacturers sell you a table and leave it up to you to get the training you need to use it. At RenuvaDisc, we make it our mission to ensure you’re equipped with the latest research, techniques, and modalities so that you can offer your patients the highest possible level of care.

Our Comprehensive Training includes the following:

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One-Year End-to-End Warranty


One-Year End-to-End Warranty

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression Table is covered end-to-end for both parts and service.

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