“If you are looking for an honest, reliable company that knows a thing or two about sales integrity, look no further. Decompression Pros is a reputable company that always delivers on their promises. Many doctors rave about Dr. Self and the service they have received. He is very knowledgeable, professional and strives to provide the highest quality of service day in and day out.”

~Magdalena, NCMIC

Dr. Ray Semente

“I am on my 4th RenuvaDisc Decompression Table and I couldn’t be happier!”

“Decompression Pros has provided superlative support for the RenuvaDisc Decompression table over the last 4 years. They immediately solve any procedural issues you have and support a product that I feel is the best on the market at its price point.

“Their regularly scheduled zoom tutorials update existing and new RenuvaDisctors on procedures and how to manage acute and chronic caseloads that are unique and necessary to update RenuvaDisctors that are specialized in spinal decompression.

“I highly recommend Decompression Pros and the RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression Table. I am on my 4th RenuvaDisc Decompression Table and I couldn’t be happier!”

~Dr. Ray Semente, Semente Chiropractic, New York

Dr. J.D. Dudum

“Within 1 year we already added a second table”

“Adding the RenuvaDisc decompression table to my Chiropractic clinic has been a true game changer. My team is able to help more challenging cases and really make a change in people's lives. The support from RenuvaDisc tables and Dr. Brian Self have been invaluable in the marketing, patient care and treatment. Within one year, we are so busy with decompression patients we already added a second table to the clinic. I Highly recommend adding the life changing and practice changing RenuvaDisc Decompression table to your clinic, real game changer!”

~Dr. J.D. Dudum

Dr. Bob McIntosh

“Table booked 90% full in first 2 months”

“Thank you Decompression Pros for your help training and setting us up for success with the decompression table. We were able to have the table booked 90% full in the first 2 months of owning the table. Two important factors contributed to our success. The first was the confidence in prescribing care for acute and chronic conditions and second was the most important having our communication and marketing materials / annual plan established.”

~Dr. Bob McIntosh, HealthSource Chiropractic of Rapid City

Dr. Brett C. Schoch

“DOC table is simply much better than our Triton and our Saunders tables”

“We have a Triton Table, a Saunders 3D active track and a RenuvaDisc table. We will be replacing our Triton and Saunders tables with RenuvaDisc tables as the results of the RenuvaDisc table are simply much better.”

~Dr. Brett Schoch in Florida

Dr. Marc Rogers

“I just added my 3rd table”

“Florida is getting rid of PIP auto insurance. That is easily 60% of my income. I’m super happy I started Decompression when I did. Business is great. With 3 tables now I'm collecting more cash than ever before. I’m so happy that I began this journey when I did!”

~Dr. Marc Rogers in Florida

Dr. Jonathan Faubion

“Two weeks. Two weeks is all it took for me to pay off my first table”

“Two weeks. Two weeks is all it took for me to pay off my first table. I've been in practice for 10 years and realized a need for treating severe disc and degenerative issues. I was tempted like many to spend upwards of $60,000 on a table that took up half of my office space until I spoke with Dr. Self. He assured me the effectiveness of the RenuvaDisc table and he couldn't have been more right. The effectiveness of these tables on the right patient is astonishing. The marketing provided couldn't be more spot on. They teach you who to market to and how. I've found no issue with charging cash for the services, which in today's world of shrinking insurance reimbursement is a great feeling. I can't say enough how well this table works and the absolute need my community needs this service. Table #2 is on its way!”

~Dr. Jeff Morrey
Source Chiropractic

Dr. Jonathan Faubion

“....we have completely recouped the cost of the table in our first month of use!”

“When we made the decision to add decompression to our clinic, none of us had any experience with it. As the owner, I was a bit nervous, but it has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Self to learn how to implement the RenuvaDisc Decompression table for the maximum benefit of my patients and practice. In addition to being available via zoom to train my team and me on the appropriate setup of patients on the table, Dr. Self is always very responsive by phone and email to any ongoing questions or concerns. I can honestly say that most of the time when we call, he answers immediately or returns the call within the hour. With the help of Dr. Self and our RenuvaDisc table, we have helped many patients that we might not have been able to previously and we have completely recouped the cost of the table in our first month of use!”

~Jonathan Faubion, DC CCSP
HealthSource of Riverton

Grecia Maldonado

“Support and Guidance every step of the way”

“We are very impressed with the RenuvaDisc Decompression Table. The delivery was fast, and there were no problems setting up the spinal decompression table. Dr. Self provided outstanding training on the table and procedures. He has also offered support and guidance every step of the way. The RenuvaDisc Decompression table has great features and has been an amazing asset for our office. We would definitely recommend the RenuvaDisc Decompression Table to a friend or colleague.”

~Grecia Maldonado, Director of Operations, The Specific Chiropractic Centers - Roseville

Dr. Shelley Bhullar

“We purchased a RenuvaDisc from a different company and didn’t receive any of the support or training we were promised”

“I can’t say what a relief it was when we finally connected with Dr. Self and Decompression Pros. We purchased our RenuvaDisc table in 2016 from a different company and didn’t receive any of the support or training we were promised. We always felt we could do more with our table but didn’t know where to turn. The information, training and support we have received, and continue to receive, with Decompression Pros and Dr. Self is absolutely amazing. We finally have a system which includes training, marketing and support!! Dr. Self is available to assist us when we have a question that is not covered. We are excited to see what more we can do and continue to support our patients. Thank you for everything!”

~Dr. Shelley Bhullar in Canada

Dr. Lynnsey Jepson

“Our Patient Outcomes Have Been Amazing”

“We purchased the spinal decompression table a few weeks ago and our patient outcomes have been amazing! For both Lumbar and Cervical conditions our patients are able to have more mobility and less pain within a few treatments. Without the decompression table I believe those same cases would have taken weeks. The decompression table has brought in a whole new level of service to our already successful practice. The training was incredibly thorough and easy to understand. Thank you!”

~Dr. Lynnsey Jepsen, D.C.

Dr. Nicholas-Pillatzke

“The 3 Dimensionality of the RenuvaDisc table is in a league of its own in helping patients achieve the relief they are looking for...”

“Decompression Pros has been instrumental in helping us implement spinal decompression in our office. Their expertise on the clinical side is unmatched by other systems. They are a phone call or an email away to answer any question regarding the clinical side of decompression, positioning of patients or anything regarding patient care. Plus their vast array of marketing tools and strategies help get patients to your office. I would highly recommend them and their expertise surrounding Spinal Decompression. The RenuvaDisc spinal decompression offers a unique patient experience and ease of access to the provider. The preloaded protocols make the user experience for the RenuvaDisctors simple, clean, and effective. Patients receive consistent treatment with the adjustability of the table to accommodate every patient presentation, whether the patient needs rotational positioning or flexion and extension of the spine. The 3 Dimensionality of the RenuvaDisc table is in a league of its own in helping patients achieve the relief they are looking for.”

~Dr. Nick, HealthSource of Watertown, SD

Ruminder Birk D.C, B.Sc.

“It has been a day and night experience”

“I had purchased a RenuvaDisc table through a different company over 4 years prior and received nothing, even after repeated attempts to have them provide training or support. Luckily I was connected by the manufacturer with the team at Decompression Pros. It has been a day and night experience! Dr. Self is completely accessible for any questions and troubleshooting and the online education tools are far superior to any decompression seminars/certifications I have been to in the past. I highly recommend all aspects of Decompression Pro's services and products. Don't make the same mistake I did. Buy from the Pros the first time.”

~Ruminder Birk D.C, B.Sc. in Ontario

Aspiring Health Clinic of Chiropractic

“The RenuvaDisc Decompression Table has been an absolute game changer in our business!”

“The RenuvaDisc decompression table has been an absolute game changer in our business. Beyond product effectiveness, we have been astounded by the exemplary customer service provided by the RenuvaDisc Decompression Pros. Our primary contact is Dr. Brian Self who has made it his mission to equip us with the knowledge required to best utilize the table as well as the necessary training to continue providing our patients with the highest quality of decompression therapy service. Dr. Brian is unfailingly accessible, incredibly dependable, and always such a reliable source of information, assistance, and support. We are incredibly pleased with the decision we made to partner with RenuvaDisc Decompression and highly recommend it to any practice looking to provide patients with exceptional care and quality services.”

~Aspiring Health Clinic of Chiropractic

Luke Cohen, D.C.

“Just added my 3rd RenuvaDisc table and I couldn't be happier!”

“I just added Spinal Decompression to my new practice and am very happy with Decompression Pros and my RenuvaDisc Decompression Table. The Table has a wide variety of different treatment options and has a very nice clinical look and functionality.
“The support from Dr. Self has been exceptional as he helped me with technique and with case management. The marketing materials also that I received from Decompression pros are also very professional and A HUGE bonus! I would highly recommend to any of my friends to only go with the RenuvaDisc Table and Decompression Pros! Just added my 3rd RenuvaDisc table and I couldn't be happier!”

~Dr. Luke Cohen in California

Dr. Alexander Bohatiuk

“We have been using the table for the past 9 months, and we couldn’t be happier”

“The delivery of the RenuvaDisc decompression table was simple and the training was one on one with an actual RenuvaDisctor and spinal decompression specialist. They explained every piece of the equipment with my entire staff present which was priceless. To this day they are still 100% accessible. We have now been using the Spinal Decompression table from Decompression Pros for the past 9 months and we couldn’t be happier. They have been there from the start to answer any questions our office had. That’s the difference between Decompression Pros and any one else... you’re not just buying a spinal decompression table you’re also getting expert coaching from a company with almost 15 years of actual experience. I’m very happy with our RenuvaDisc table and have seen awesome results. I highly recommend the RenuvaDisc table and Decompression Pros.”

~Dr Alexander Bohatiuk at Bear Chiropractic Center

Dr. Ben Payne

“You really feel the support and incredible value.”

“I found out about Decompression Pros from a good friend of mine in the UK who's had frankly INCREDIBLE results that often fail to respond with standard Chiropractic care. From the first moment the team at Decompression Pros were extremely responsive and helpful, even assisting in marketing! I had the Decompression bench arrive within a few weeks and the online training is superb and so helpful, you really feel the support and incredible value! I would highly recommend Decompression Pros if you want to take your practice to the next level, you're in the best hands!”

~Dr. Ben Payne in Spain

Dr. Tom Stanzel

“The RenuvaDisc Table is Second to None.”

“I'm extremely satisfied with my RenuvaDisc Decompression Table purchase. From the sale, training, website and ongoing support Decompression Pros and the RenuvaDisc table is second to none. I know I can call or text them any time with questions and they always answer and personally walk me through everything. THANK YOU!”

~Dr. Tom S. in South Carolina

Harris Meyer, DC

“Awesome table and support all around. Highly recommended.”

“I decided to open a decompression clinic a few months ago but had very little knowledge about the products available. After much research, talking to colleagues, and even attending a decompression seminar I decided on the RenuvaDisc Decompression table because of the cost, ease, cost of maintenance and table size. My favorite feature is that the table not only works in supine position but allows for prone treatment as well as rotation and/or lateral flexion so I can get the best clinical outcome. I'm very happy with how well it's performed for me over these past couple of months and patients are getting the fantastic results they need. They delivered the table and have provided on-going assistance. We've done training both by Skype and in-person at my office. They are very accessible for quick questions and have talked me through situations when I forgot something or a new situation arose that we hadn't talked about previously. I know they are there when I need him. I would be remiss if I didn't mention marketing. They also have a wealth of material including brochures and presentation pieces that were fully customized for my office. They have scripts that guide you through all patient interactions. These materials and advise have been key in promoting decompression services and bringing the patients in. So, awesome table and support all around. Highly recommended.”

~Harris Meyer, DC; East Bay Disc Centers

Dr. Ron Bittle

“Let the Pros help scale your success much faster.”

“I purchased my first RenuvaDisc unit 3 years ago and paid over 25K from a well known distributor with basically no service or training. After struggling through the learning curve for a couple years and slowly figuring out patient set up, what works best for various diagnosis and conditions, marketing for new leads, payment plans etc. I eventually realized I needed another RenuvaDisc Decompression Table in order to continue to grow. I was referred to Dr. Self at Decompression Pros this time around because people I trusted and run very successful practices had experience with him. I would like to simply say that I wish I purchased and had the training provided with Dr. Self years ago when I bought my first table. The training itself was worth the entire cost of the second table no joke! It gets you excited and that excitement magnetizes new patients and that means more people helped and more dough! So not only will you save thousands of dollars purchasing the table here, you will be trained properly and save yourself refunds on non-responding patients. Let the Pros help scale your success much faster. Just do it.”

~Dr. Ron Bittle, Peak Performance Chiropractic

Dr. Karen Bretz

“We give the whole experience an A+”

“We have been greatly pleased and appreciative of all the help and training that Decompression Pros in general have given us, right from our initial contact. It is very hard in this day and age to find great customer support, but Decompression Pros has been with us every step of the way. He continues to ask if we have any questions and has always been very attentive to our calls, video conferences, and texts. We give the whole experience a A+.”

~Bretz Chiropractic

Dr. Ray Hulbert

“Don't make the same mistake that I did..... buy from the Pros the first time”

“Living in Canada and making my first decompression table purchase, I decided to go with a distributor that provided me with the cheapest rate of delivery and also promised ‘free patient education material’ on their website. Four weeks after the table arrived and at least a dozen emails and phone calls were made, a box of 200 of the same pamphlets showed up on my door step. The pamphlets looked to be about 12 years old and left over from some health fair from days gone by. No training material, no staff support, no research material, no templates, not even an office poster. I was left with absolutely no technique training whatsoever. I reached out to Decompression Pros and he has been a lifesaver. Their program is simply outstanding. Their knowledge in decompression technique, marketing and research is exceptional. They have proven to be dependable, accessible and an excellent communicator. I have now jumped into the world of decompression with confidence and immediate success thanks to Decompression Pros. Don't make the same mistake I did... buy from the Pros the first time.”

~Dr. Ray Hulbert, Duncan, BC, Canada

Dr. Taras Odulak

“Our table was paid for in the under 4 weeks”

“Decompression Pros made bringing spinal decompression into my practice a smooth, easy process. The quality and functionality of the table is excellent and the price point was perfect for our budget. Decompression Pros also delivered much more then I expected, Decompression Pros gave me the clinical tools I needed to access whether a patient is a good candidate for decompression, trained my staff to operate the table, one of his team set up a website for us and supplied enough marketing materials for us to get started with treating patients. From an economic point of view, our table was paid for in under 4 weeks.....”

~Dr T. Odulak, New York

Dr. David Pearce

“Decompression Pros gives the best post-purchase training of any product I have purchased in the past 20 years.”

“The RenuvaDisc decompression table is what I refer to as 'Decompression 2.0' because the table fits the patient, instead of the patient having to fit the table. The RenuvaDisc decompression table is more accurate and more comfortable than other decompression tables on the market. For everything that comes with the purchase the price is extremely affordable. The only other decompression table with 3-dimensional positioning costs as much as a condo. Decompression Pros gives the best post-purchase training of any product I have purchased in the past 20 years. The RenuvaDisc decompression table is the only decompression table I would recommend, due to the combination of the best features, the best training, and the best price.”

~Dr. David Pearce, Murfreesboro, TN

Brooke A Maher

“I would highly recommend the RenuvaDisc Decompression Table.....”

“I was amazed at the immediate relief I felt when getting on a RenuvaDisc Decompression Table. This is an innovative solution to treat back/neck pain that I have never experienced before. The main benefit was the release of pressure I felt throughout the process. I would highly recommend the RenuvaDisc Decompression Table to any clinician looking to add a cash service to help patients with herniated, bulging or degenerative discs!”

~Brooke M., RegenMedix LLC

Dr. Joshua Feddes

“I would recommend the RenuvaDisc table as the ONLY option”

“I had the best experience purchasing my RenuvaDisc decompression table from Decompression pros. The main reason we decided to go with decompression pros was due to the incredibly professional marketing package which included complete ‘marketing in a box’ bundles that had already contained my logo and practice info on them. Also the technique training videos were invaluable and would be an absolute NECESSITY for anyone trying to add decompression to their practice. This is information collectively brainstormed from the best in the business! Upon delivery Decompression Pros were available for questions and I started my first patient on it within hours of plugging it in. The one on one training allowed me to have my specific questions answered without having to waste my time with information I could watch or read online through their training modules. After having the table for a month they are still available to consult with when I have technique questions on hard to treat patients. I used the Hill Evolution in the past and often many patients where so acute they could not lay flat and straight comfortably, with the RenuvaDisc table I can set the table into a position that allows the patient to get comfortable and get them started right away. I would recommend the RenuvaDisc table as the ONLY option for adding additional revenue stream to your practice and getting even the worst patients better, and the Decompression Pros team for giving me the tools to actually get people in the door.”

~Dr. Joshua Feddes

Evergreen Chiropractic

“We are loving our new RenuvaDisc Decompression Tables”

“We traded our DRX9000 for 2 RenuvaDisc decompression tables and we are loving them over at Evergreen Chiropractic. And our patients are as well!”

~Evergreen Chiropractic and Wellness

Brent Wall, DC

“I can now tell patient with complete confidence that we can help them with there disc problem...”

“I have been thinking about getting a spinal decompression table for a couple months. When I come across RenuvaDisc Table I know that was the one. I ordered the table, and in 2 weeks it was sitting in my office. Dr Brian Self was right there to help me get it set up and ready to go. It is super easy to use and so far our patient have had a nothing but good things to say about it. I love how there are so many options to position the patient to make them comfortable and pain-free experience. I highly recommend this table if you are looking to add decompression. it is worth every penny and is helping me increase my income. I can now tell patient with complete confidence that we can help them with there disc problem and know we are delivering the best care possible.”

~Dr. Brent Wall, Chiropractor

Ray-Bunch, DC

“....call Decompression Pros for high quality service...”

“The RenuvaDisc decompression table arrived in pristine condition and was unpacked with ’white glove“ treatment. Decompression Pros was out to visit our clinic within days delivering the practical onsite training. Decompression pros has been just a phone call or an email away to answer our questions regarding the table and regarding the entire process of getting patients in the office and on the table. I am happy with the purchase of our table, and I am much more happy for purchasing it from Decompression Pros because of the added support that we get. I think if any RenuvaDisc was looking at getting a decompression table for their office they need to call Decompression Pros for high quality service both in buying a table and in getting decompression up and running in their practice.”

~Dr. Ray B., Chiropractor

Jennifer Dufour, DC

“I would highly recommend this machine...”

“Our office has been very pleased with the RenuvaDisc decompression table. Very user friendly and comfortable for our patients. I would highly recommend this machine for any office looking to offer their patients an alternative to injections or surgery.”

~Jennifer Dufour, DC

Andrew Kellogg, DC

“I was trained on the same day with all my questions answered...”

“Decompression Therapy has been an amazing addition to my practice. Dr. Self made it simple and easy to purchase a great table at a great price. The table was delivered with the 'White Glove' experience so there were absolutely no worries. I was trained on the same day with all my questions answered and felt extremely comfortable with everything this amazing table has to offer. I highly recommend Dr. Self and decompression pros for all of your product needs.”

~Andrew Kellogg, DC

Sarah Little, DC

“The service provided was exceptional and professional in every way.”

“I absolutely love my decompression table! The service provided was exceptional and professional in every way. They provided amazing training with my purchase and I was ready to utilize the table the very next day with total confidence. If you are thinking about adding decompression therapy to your office Decompression Pros offers the best prices and service making for an extremely smooth process from ordering to delivery to training.”

~Sarah Little, DC

Balance Chiropractic

“Decompression Pros have been a pleasure to work with.”

“The purchase of my RenuvaDisc Decompression Table set up and training ran very smoothly. We're absolutely loving the results we've been getting with our patients on the RenuvaDisc table and couldn't be happier with the entire experience. Highly recommend! ”

~Dr. Debbie

Dr. Neil Pai

“Just added our second RenuvaDisc table.....”

“I looked at a lot of different decompression tables prior to buying. The RenuvaDisc table was the most reasonably priced and had the most flexibility in treatment options. It is an effortless table to setup and use. Within 1 year we have been so busy that I just added our second RenuvaDisc table. We have helped many different types of conditions with our tables. I would recommend the RenuvaDisc table to any friend or colleague.”

~Dr. Neil Pai in North Carolina

Dr. Wayne

“Our Patients Have Spoken.... They like the RenuvaDisc better than the DRX9000!!”

“Previously we had worked with the DRX9000 which looks very expensive with all its shiny lights but with the RenuvaDisc table we have noticed that it is more efficient and more effective. When you put in the poundage for someone’s treatment it’s a true amount. Patients have told us that the RenuvaDisc table is more comfortable and they like it better than the DRX9000 as well. Also being able to move add lateral flexion or rotation to the table is a huge advantage when treating some patients. I would absolutely recommend the RenuvaDisc to a colleague looking to get into decompression.”

~Dr. Wayne in Idaho

Dr. Kayla in Louisiana

“The RenuvaDisc decompression table has been a huge asset to my practice.”

“The RenuvaDisc decompression table has been a huge asset to my practice. It has given me leverage I didn't have before. I am able to treat patients I otherwise have to refer out as well as produce results I would not have been able to produce without the RenuvaDisc table. It has allowed me to further grow my practice and stick out in a community. The table is comfortable to the patients and user friendly. The RenuvaDisc staff was great. They came out and spent hours educating me and my staff on how to properly use the table. I highly recommend this decompression table to anyone looking to further grow their practice, get better results or stand out in their community.”

~Dr. Kayla in Louisiana

Dr. Baune

“I am so glad I didn’t make the mistake of buying any other table than the RenuvaDisc.”

“I thought I wanted a used DRX9000, SpineMed or other older technology decompression table and was looking around for the best deal. I really didn’t know much about decompression but I did some research and thought I knew what I wanted. One phone call to Decompression Pros changed all that. They guided me to the right table which for me was the RenuvaDisc. The price was extremely affordable (not like the ridiculously expensive ones). It was professionally delivered and set up for me and I didn’t have to lift a finger. The personal training on it was amazing and I now feel like I can handle even the toughest of cases. I am so glad I didn’t make the mistake of buying any other table than the RenuvaDisc. This table does everything I could have asked for and more.”

~Dr. Don B. in Lomita, CA

Dr. Stull

“I am very pleased with my purchase...”

“I have been very happy with my RenuvaDisc decompression table from Decompression Pros. The results from the table have been very positive and the response from patients has been 100% positive to this point. My equipment came to my office as promised and was very easy to install and implement into my practice. The staff at Decompression Pros have been helpful with questions and implementation. I am very pleased with my purchase as it is a very effective machine and the cost of the machine is much less than I would have expected for what I received. I would recommend the RenuvaDisc and Decompression Pros to any who are interested in this type of therapy offering in their practice.”

~Dr. Craig Stull in Portage, MI

Steve Brenan

“Decompression Pros walked me through every marketing program, marketing piece and system...”

“Decompression Pros has been instrumental in having an extremely successful spinal decompression practice. I purchased a decompression table from them a year ago and they walked me through every program, marketing piece and system that has helped me completely pay off my table in the first 6 months. One year later my table is full pretty much all of the time and I am getting close to needing a second table which I will absolutely buy from them. You don't just get a good table from them... you get the tools necessary to grow a successful spinal decompression business. I would refer them to any friend or colleague.”

~Dr. Steve Brenan, Florida

Carline Vilfort, D.C.

“I chose the RenuvaDisc and I’m sure glad I did!”

“I shopped around when looking at spinal decompression tables and compared the Triton DTS, Kennedy, RenuvaDisc table and a few others. I chose the RenuvaDisc and I am sure glad I did. The RenuvaDisc table is in my opinion the most versatile decompression table as it allows you to treat in flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion in order to get maximum therapeutic effectiveness. And the on-site training from Decompression Pros taught me everything I need to know and more to safely and effectively treat disc related conditions.”

~Carline Vilfort, D.C.

Marie Cayo

“The RenuvaDisc is versatile, easy to operate, reliable and effective”

“After months of comparing spinal decompression tables I decided to go with the RenuvaDisc Decompression Table and that was a great decision. The RenuvaDisc table is versatile, easy to operate, reliable and effective. The on site training from an actual spinal decompression RenuvaDisctor was exactly what I needed. Decompression Pros has walked me through every step, every program and every protocol that I needed to make this an effective therapy for my patients as well as a smart business decision. I would recommend the RenuvaDisc table and Decompression Pros to any colleague.”

~Dr. Marie Cayo in Kissimmee, Florida

Kaleb Deshotel

“I would highly recommend the RenuvaDisc table to anyone looking for a great decompression table with fantastic customer service.”

“This was the first decompression table I bought, Decompression Pro’s delivered great personal training and I can now feel confident in effectively treating my patients. They are always a phone call away whenever I have a problem or question. This table added a whole other aspect to my practice. My patients love it, resulting in a growing practice.”

~Dr. Kaleb Deshotel

Regina Bayla

“I love my new RenuvaDisc Decompression Table”

“I looked at every decompression table before I decided to go with the RenuvaDisc decompression table and I love my new RenuvaDisc Decompression Table. The versatility is unmatched. My results have already been exceptional. Decompression Pros thoroughly trained me and I feel 100% confident treating even the toughest of cases. I would recommend the RenuvaDisc Decompression table to anyone.”

~Dr. Regina Bayla in Florida

Dr. Neil Pai

“A Great ROI!”

“My 2 RenuvaDisc tables are still going strong! A great ROI! I recommend it to everyone I know!”

~Dr. Neil Pai in Charlotte, NC

R'Kione Britton

“The RenuvaDisc table was the best purchase......”

“Decompression Pros is the real deal! Not only consummate professionals, but great customer service! The RenuvaDisc table was the best purchase I have made in a long time. Also they got me top of the line equipment at the best market prices, and believe me I LOOKED EVERYWHERE!! If you are looking for someone to help you take your decompression clinic up to the next level with the RenuvaDisc Decompression table and marketing, Decompression Pros will do that for you!”

~R'Kione Britton, DC; San Diego, CA

Frank Mrazeck

“I traded in my Z Gravity table for a RenuvaDisc table and I couldn't be happier”

“I contacted Decompression Pros wanting a Z-Grav or a DRX because that's what I previously had. I have to admit when they suggested the RenuvaDisc table I was more than a bit skeptical, However, I'm sure glad they did.. It's a great table far better than the older models out there with the old rope and pulley systems. And the additional treatment methods the RenuvaDisc offers have significantly increased patient outcomes. The RenuvaDisc table is simply much more effective, more versatile, and is far less expensive.. I love it.”

~Frank Mrazeck D.C., Delaware

Foothills Medical

“I would highly recommend Decompression Pros and the RenuvaDisc table to Friends and Colleagues”

“Decompression Pros was very friendly and very helpful and was able to answer all questions asked with quality information. I feel that if I have a question at any time that I can call them. There was a small crack in the black head cushion and it was replaced right away no questions asked. The price was fair and reasonable and they even financed it for us. I would highly recommend Decompression Pros to and the RenuvaDisc table to friends and colleagues.”

~Foothills Medical, NM

Champion Chiropractic


“The RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression System can dramatically affect the pain associated with spinal injuries and conditions. Best of all, it’s the MOST COMFORTABLE BELTING SYSTEM I’ve ever used! Making it easier for you to relax and get more out of the treatment.”

~Champion Chiropractic

Emily Blair

“They are 100% honest and follow through on exactly what they say they are going to do.”

“Doctors purchasing the RenuvaDisc table have been extremely satisfied with the ease, speed and safety of purchasing a RenuvaDisc decompression table from Decompression Pros. The tables ship fast, are professionally crated, are guaranteed to show up in perfect condition, and they even guarantee the lowest price. Our clients are continually impressed that Decompression Pros takes all of the worry out of a high end transaction like this. They are 100% honest and follow through on exactly what they say they are going to do. I would recommend purchasing a RenuvaDisc decompression table from Decompression Pros any day!!!”

~Emily Blair, Financing Specialist

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