Renuvadisc Spinal Decompression Table Features

Effective, Non-Invasive Therapy for Herniated, Bulging, and Degenerated Discs

Renuvadisc Spinal Decompression Table
Control Center

One-Touch, Automated Control With The Digital Command Center

The Digital Command Center makes treating patients even easier, with automated control over

Our 8-inch, full-color screen has a built-in Disc Angle Level Indicator where you can quickly target specific vertebral discs, making accurate and effective patient treatment easier than ever before.


Choose From 5 Pre-Programmed Protocols Or Create Your Own

With 5 completely pre-programmed decompression protocols, your table will be ready to treat a wide variety of patient conditions in no time at all (2-4 minutes).

For difficult cases and situations that require advanced treatment, you also have the ability to create your own, fully customized protocols to best meet your clinic’s and patients’ needs.

Treat A Wider Variety Of Conditions And More Difficult Cases

The days of pull and pray are long gone. You will experience extraordinary decompression results from your table with the ability to treat

Take your results to the next level with an unmatched versatility of patient positions.


Securely And Effectively Treat Patients Of All Sizes

If your spinal decompression table has a partial lumbar harness or pelvic restraint similar to 3 of the tables on the market, your significantly overweight patients may not be able to receive as effective of a treatment. That’s why your Renuvadisc table features a full lumbar harness, designed to make it easy to treat patients of all sizes.

To make things even better, your Renuvadisc harness system
Has Easier Set Up Treats Heavier Patients Better Saves Time

Safety Switch

Protect Your Patients — Keep Them Safe With Automated Controls

Your patients’ safety always comes first. Every table also includes a Patient Safety Switch, making it easy for your patients to stop treatment in the event of pain, spasm, or discomfort.

Because patient safety is our #1 concern all our tables come with
No Foot Pedals To Trip On No Pinch Points Automated Computer Controls

Graph Screen

Get Treatment Feedback In Real Time

The Renuvadisc’s digital display provides you with real-time graphing of treatments, cycle time, and decompression force, making it easier than ever to adjust treatments and fine tune protocol.

Using a precise load cell and biofeedback system, your table will continually measure and respond in milliseconds to
Decrease Spasms Promote Relaxation
Encourage Higher Negative Pressures Inside Patients’ Discs


Make Every Treatment Customizable, Specific, And Effective

Our custom software allows for quick and easy fine tuning of


Promote Patient Comfort With Bolsters And Pillows

The Renuvadisc’s knee pillows and arm rests don’t just keep your table in great shape – they also keep your patients’ hips in flexion, which can be a huge aid to patients suffering from Stenosis and Facet Syndrome.

Our specially designed head pillow also promotes restoration of the cervical curve while inducing a relaxed state.

Cervical Headpiece

New, More Comfortable Cervical Headpiece

Over the years many patients have reported discomfort after experiencing cervical decompression treatments on other spinal decompression tables — they can cause temporary headaches and even numbness.

Our new and improved cervical headpiece
Is Fully Adjustable Has Added Comfort Pads
Is More Secure/Less Slipping Has Increased Effectiveness

Separate Lumbar And Cervical Motors

Similar tables use the SAME traction head to do BOTH the lumbar and cervical spine needing to spin the patient 180 degrees when switching from lumbar to cervical. This puts a patient’s head where the previous patient’s feet were. This is both inconvenient and unsanitary. With SEPARATE lumbar and cervical motors operating independently there is no need to change patient position when switching from lumbar to cervical on the Renuvadisc table saving time while increasing efficiency.

Vinyl Covering

Durable, Puncture And Scratch Resistant — Built To Last

The Renuvadisc Decompression Table is built to last. With more than 10 years of experience this table is one of the most reliable tables on the market.
Puncture Resistant Vinyl Easy To Clean Scratch Resistant Paint

Color Options

Multiple Color Options To Match Your Existing Clinic/Equipment

Choose from over 7 different colors to ensure that your table looks great in your clinic and alongside other equipment.


What Makes RenuvaDisc Different?

Is RenuvaDisc Right for Your Practice?

If you’re looking to add a high-value profit center to your practice while improving the results you get for patients with neck and back pain, consider the RenuvaDisc Cervical/Lumbar Spinal Decompression System.

Called “the best table for the money,” RenuvaDisc combines the most advanced features of any spinal decompression table on the market with an affordable price that allows your investment to become immediately profitable.

Request more information about adding RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression to your practice or clinic.

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One-Year End-to-End Warranty


One-Year End-to-End Warranty

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression Table is covered end-to-end for both parts and service.

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